Enjoy Spending Time in Nature During January

Although the weather can feel depressing in January, it is good to get out and about in the countryside, and if you wrap up warm in something like this merino wool sweater women and men can wear https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters/womens-merino-wool-irish-sweater there are lots of things to look out for and enjoy on your walk…

Wintry Landscapes – The light and weather conditions in the winter can make for some stunning vistas, and there are lots of lovely country walks that you can go on to enjoy the beautiful landscapes at this time of the year. From fields covered in snow, to moody dark rolling clouds, to frost covered trees, embrace the winter weather and go and admire it.

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The First Snowdrops – January is the time to look for the first signs of spring and one of the most obvious symbols of spring coming is the sight of the snowdrops poking up from the cold earth. These hardy plants fill woodlands in the UK in late January and through February, and a carpet of snowdrops is a special scene to behold.

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Winter Visitors – Many birds come to the UK from colder areas and spend the winter here. If you are in the woodlands in the east of the country, you may spot the beautiful and striking waxwing. Go to a wetland like one of these Wildfowl and wetlands trust sites, you will see many of the winter waterfowl, such as the Bewick swans that spend winter here in the UK.

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