Working from Home – Make your Garage Work for You

Working from home has become the new way of life for many people this year – as the country was closed down in March due to the coronavirus pandemic, people moved their offices into their home. People who had never before worked from home had to fashion a dining table office, or even an office in their bedroom! As well as this, video calling and Zoom meetings became the way that things were done.

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Now as things start to open up again, some people have headed back into the office – but some have embraced working from home and decided to make it more permanent. One of the ways you can create a great space to work from home is to use your garage.

Having a good clear out and sprucing your garage up a bit, maybe add some new doors – garage doors in Bath can be found here. You may even be able to make some money from your decluttering by selling all that you don’t need.

Garage Office – A Garage office is a great way to bring the office to your home – with plenty of room for a decent sized desk, as well as a small kitchenette area if you wish. You could even have space for filing cabinets and bookcases.

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Garage Workshop – If you are building things or creating things, the garage is the perfect way to create a workshop. If you have decided to start a new business creating handmade items or doing a job such as dressmaking it is good to have one room that is used as your workshop.

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