What’s hot in web design?

Trends in the way we interact with the web will have an effect on how we design a website. The way we move through the web is always evolving and so must our websites if we want to keep up. Here we take a look at what trends are shaping the world of web design today.

Images – almost anyone can take a high quality photo these days and so it’s no surprise that images dominate the web.  As web design evolves, the importance of such strong images will only increase. Words are great but saying it with a picture, animation or short video will prove popular. Pairing visual and written content is a good thing to do as text works best for removing any ambiguity that visual methods might create but visuals can create a more engaging, concise way of conveying an idea. By using both together, everyone can experience your content in the best way for them.

Duotones – this style is made by using a greyscale image with a second, non-black colour and has its origins in printing. It makes for a great looking minimalist web design. They are subtle and don’t cause issues with being able to read content and are not overly distracting. This idea can give you a clean, consistent look with a sophisticated simplicity. For Web Design In Peterborough, visit www.routetoweb.co.uk.

Artistic Fonts –  when you go for a minimalist design it gives you far greater scope to play around with stylized typography. Stylized lettering can have a real impact and with access to a growing number of available fonts, there’s no need to be dull when it comes to what you write. Changing the font sizes throughout a page can also make it look more dynamic and leads the eye to the different things we want to portray.

What's hot in web design

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Bright Colours – minimalist doesn’t have mean dull and the use of bright colours is on the rise. Using vibrant colours in blocks works well for creating a bold layout and has the added bonus of really highlighting buttons and navigational tools. Bright colours are also great for brand recognition, take Google’s primary colour brand as an example. Stick to a main colour or couple of colours as going overboard might induce a migraine in your users!

Storytelling –  people can’t connect with a cold, distant entity but want to engage and interact with real people. Telling a story means using video, graphics and written content to create an interactive journey and helps users develop a better understanding of the brand and the value of their mission. Add some dimension and depth to your campaign by letting users in on your story.

Direct chat and Support – a great way to personalize a user’s experience is to offer immediate help and advice with a messaging service. Responding to questions in real time can make all the difference between a user abandoning your site or sticking around for a chat and increasing their confidence in your brand. If you have a problem and someone is available to help you overcome that, belief in your service or product will be significantly boosted.

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