Dressing right for a corporate day out

When the weather is warm and you will be spending time outside, the last thing you want to wear is a suit; however, as this is the go-to choice for male attire at corporate events, it can be difficult to think of an alternative. Striking the right balance between cool and stylish yet remaining professional and corporate can be difficult with the more limited choices in the traditional male wardrobe, so we have put together a list of issues that can help you to decide how to create the right impression.

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Don’t just concentrate on the clothes!

Accessories are traditionally a female domain, but making sure that your shoes are smart and that you have a belt to wear can tie an outfit together, making you look well organised. It is best to avoid baseball caps and bumbags, no matter how practical, as they can instantly make an outfit look too casual.

Make sure that your clothes fit you well. This will mean planning what you are going to wear ahead of the day so that you can make another choice if necessary! Clothes that are too large can make you look sloppy, while clothes that are too small can be simply embarrassing. Measure yourself and check your correct size using an online guide – correctly fitting clothes can make for a more comfortable event.

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Whilst a shirt can appear too formal, a polo-shirt can strike the perfect balance; alternatively, a short-sleeved mens Farah shirts from stockists such as https://www.ejmenswear.com/men/farah can add style yet remain sufficiently smart. If you decide to wear a T-shirt, avoid slogan prints – particularly those with obscene or jokey prints! Whilst a corporate BBQ is a party, it is still related to your work and your representation of the company whilst wearing a Spiderman T-shirt may not be well received!

If you have decided to wear shorts, make sure you steer clear of jeans shorts – they can look too casual. A pair of smart bermudas or chinos can be perfect and enable you to keep your cool.

Take care not to wear clothes that are stained, ripped or unclean in anyway. To do so is simply unacceptable, so plan ahead! You can then ensure that there are no blemishes upon your favourite pair of chino shorts.

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