What is an insurance broker?

So, what is an insurance broker? In short, an insurance broker is a bridge between a client and the insurance companies.

Brokers like to get to know a client and understand their personal circumstances so that they can search through the insurance products offered to find the best policy for them – at the right price.

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Expert advice

Brokers find the best deal for their clients, and a small commission is paid to them by the insurance company to do so. Brokers are experts, so the client can be sure that their cover suggestions are suitable to their needs. For help from an Insurance Brokers Bath, visit a site like https://www.markrichard.co.uk/areas-we-cover/insurance-brokers-bath/

Multiple choices

insurance companies do not always advertise all of their available policies on their websites or comparison sites. Brokers can search through all insurance products available to find the right one for their client.

Finding the right product

Brokers will understand a client’s unique circumstances and requirements to find the right policy. They also will examine existing policies to ensure they do not double on something the client is already covered for. They get the best price by comparing the product’s features and ensure their client only pays for what they need.

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Claims – no hassle

Should a client make a claim, brokers can assist with communicating with the loss adjustment or claims departments on behalf of their clients to make sure the process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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