What are the Benefits of Hiring a Security Guard for your Office

Security guards aren’t just beneficial for nightclubs, bars and banks; they can be a valuable asset for many kinds of premises, including offices. Security guards don’t just protect your staff from unwanted intruders but from theft too. They can also carry out roles that are currently undertaken by office staff.

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Theft Prevention

Early in the morning or late in the evening, your offices may remain open with few staff on-site. This is the most likely time a theft will occur. Even if your office has no ‘stock’ as such, it will still be home to a large number of expensive assets such as computers, printers and laptops. Thefts personal items such as phones and wallets are not unknown in urban areas. A security guard present during these hours will prevent opportunistic thefts.

Peace of Mind

Peace of mind amongst your employees is a valuable thing to have. Despite the fact that attacks of any sort are rare in an office, they do sometimes happen, and whether that’s a threat from terrorism or individuals, workers will feel safer in the knowledge that a security guard is located near the entrance of the office.

Security guards such as those at take their profession very seriously and are an extremely reliable asset in your workplace.

Extra Jobs

When security guards are hired for offices, their role may include extra responsibilities which are vital for the running of your office. In this HSE Executive Risk Assessment example, the security staff are responsible for checking all areas at the end of the shift as well as locking up and opening up the building. Many security guards are also expected to check and assess the building’s general security, such as surveillance, locks and alarms. Leaving these jobs to a professional security guard leaves your other employees free to get on with their own roles too.

There are other ways in which you can keep your office secure that can enhance the use of security workers. It is important to ensure that you are regularly checking all of the locks on your windows and doors and using the services of a Locksmith Dublin company such as http://locksafe.ie to deal with any issues that may arise.

As you can see, a security guard can be a wonderful asset to your office-based business premises, providing peace of mind and theft prevention and even covering extra responsibilities.

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