Ways to make meetings more positive

If you’re wondering how to make your work meetings more positive, then here are some tops tips for getting the best out of your attendees and increasing productivity levels. We spend more than a third of our working lives in meetings, with an estimated 50% of that time completely wasted. Here’s how to turn that around:

Start with something fresh – When people arrive at meetings, normally their heads are full of what they’ve just been doing. You need to start by setting a positive note straight away. Try a fun task, share some jokes or a funny story. Ask everyone what’s going well in their day.

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Choose the location carefully – Make sure your meeting room is fit for purpose. You can’t expect to create a comfortable, positive atmosphere when people are feeling physically uncomfortable. For superb Windsor Meeting Rooms visit the Royal Adelaide.

Plan the agenda carefully – The goal of most meetings is to agree a plan of action. When we are asked a question, our brain releases a little of the feel-good chemical dopamine. This is what prepares us for action and helps us to formulate our thinking. Instead of making your agenda all about statements and information, try replacing it with questions you think need exploring and solving on the topic at hand.

Focus on people’s strengths – Think about who will be in the meeting beforehand and mould the shape of the meeting to people’s strengths. When we are given a chance to use our strengths, we are up to 6 times more likely to feel more positive and engaged in what we’re doing. Think about what tasks can be given to people to demonstrate what they’re good at.

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Offer growth opportunities – People love the opportunity to grow, so motivate them in your meetings by giving them something they wouldn’t be rewarded with if they didn’t attend. For example, invite a guest speaker, reveal some new industry discoveries or are details of further training opportunities.

End with a bang – Most of our memories of events are highly influenced by the way they ended. Make sure you stay on time and don’t rush the end of the meeting, so you have a chance to properly finish on a positive note. Finish with something funny and light-hearted or prize-giving from an earlier competition or quiz. Show some real appreciation and let people leave with a good feeling from the meeting.  They’ll be more likely to turn up with a smile when it’s time for the next meeting.

Effort – As the chair of a meeting, you must put in the effort to use mood mindfully and not assume that it will happen naturally. This will help people to perform at their best and when they feel this happening, they’ll be far more enthusiastic contributors in your future meetings.

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