Visibility in hazardous environments

For those who work in the mines, they work in one of the world’s most hazardous industries. Quarrying and mining industries have an increased mortality rate compared to both the manufacturing and construction industry put together. Accidents and deaths that occur in the mine working are mainly due to maintenance work, vehicle accidents and falls from heights.

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Many accidents occur during regular cleaning and maintenance of machines or during the process of adjusting a machine while it is operating. Unexpected start-up machine for cleaning or maintenance also cause serious accidents.

Other dangers include occupational diseases and working with large moving vehicles, explosives and continual dusty environments. Where there is a lot of noise, hazardous materials and vibrations, this can cause distractions and sets a background of potential hazards as well as many workers completing long shifts during unsociable hours and under time pressures.

In the dark and when visibility is poor, vehicles become very difficult to see. Operating under these circumstances requires the use of flashing, rotating beacon lights so they can be seen more clearly. However, this is not always entirely adequate, especially in terrain that features dips and hills. Combining beacons with other measures, such as Buggy Whips, can rectify this situation. A bright LED lights on a long reflective safety flag ensures that the vehicle is always visible. For more info, visit

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Safety regulations are essential in this type of environment. Meeting these regulations often requires that vehicles display highly visible safety flags and lights to help increase visibility for both the driver of the large machines and workers on foot.

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