Value of office furniture and the best ways to assess them

If you are looking to fit out your office with new furnishings, you might be wondering how you get the most value from your project. Remember that the value of a piece of furniture isn’t simply found in the cost you pay for the item itself; you need to think about extras such as shipping, warranties and any perks. This could be for your current office or your new Office Space Bracknell way found at sites like where they have a room suited to your needs, heating, electricity and great lighting.  Whether you are looking to just update your reception area, kit out a new room, or do a complete office refurbishment, you’ll need to do your planning and look beyond initial prices to calculate true value.

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Get your plan in place

When you buy furniture for your office, you need to have a plan in place – ideally well in advance. Don’t just look at individual workstations; consider the entire space. Factor in new hires, usage of space, client requirements and changing needs. This will allow you to buy in larger sizes to get better prices rather than just purchasing piecemeal.

Consider using a professional

Use a furniture company that offers a planning service to get this stage right. Their expertise can provide valuable inspiration and prevent costly mistakes.

Do the detail

Make sure you carefully measure up space to know that the items you are looking at will fit. Check the position of sockets and network wires. Read the fire codes and look at access points for delivery. If you are ordering a large piece of office furniture, will it go through the lift door and into the conference room?

Get your warranty

Better and more expensive furnishings are worth protecting with longer warranties. If you are buying furniture that is designed to withstand the test of time, make sure it won’t be damaged or broken and leave you with an expensive bill.


Don’t forget to factor in delivery and shipping costs and lead times. If you are planning in advance, you won’t need to pay extra for rush delivery. Good retailers will also work with you to find a delivery date that works for your project timescales.


Ask your furniture company if they offer colour and fabric swatches so you can test out shades before investing in them. This avoids costly errors and will also help you to create a streamlined and coordinated look.


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