Effective SEO techniques for online visibility in 2020

In the past few years, many websites have become reluctant about using links to improve their SEO potential because of algorithm updates issued by Google. Agencies who provide SEO in Belfast and nationwide are finding it is possible that businesses may actively try to dissuade agencies from pursuing a linking strategy for fear of being penalised.

However, in reality links are still incredibly important to most sites and can be beneficial in improving search rank as part of a holistic SEO strategy. So what are the ways in which links can be used to your advantage and are there any emerging trends that might make you more willing to consider re-evaluating your stance on their use?

Links Get Topical

One thing which has become apparent over the years is that topicality is an important asset when it comes to determining the worth of a website. So if a site receives inbound links from similar sites that are topically relevant, then Google is more likely to see it favourably, so long as the sites in question have a solid level of underlying authority.

The ranking perks of topically relevant pages linking to one another seems to be cumulative, meaning that there are a number of benefits to taking care over not only which inbound links you receive and which outgoing links you embed on your site, but also over the wording of anchor text and a litany of other variables which can ultimately lead to a better search rank being achieved.

If this all sounds a little overwhelming then getting in touch with professionals like SEO Belfast Agency Ryco Marketing or others may be a good idea, as they can help to explain the jargon and give you bespoke optimisation advice.

Basic Breakdown

Links and how they impact SEO is a subject that thousands of people have dedicated millions of words attempting to explain. And because the market is always shifting, it is difficult to talk about definitively, especially since Google plays its cards close to its chest on most ranking matters.

However, the best way to work out whether or not a link is worth cultivating is to assess whether or not the visitors it will bring to your site are going to be valuable. If not, a link may be irrelevant and you might want to look elsewhere in order to boost your site’s credentials.

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