Types of Facilities Management – Hard and Soft

Quite simple facilities management is the management and maintenance of commercial buildings, covering everything needed to keep people alive, safe and productive.

This can include everything from building maintenance to catering and vending services.

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Facility management is divided into two areas: Hard and Soft

Hard facilities management refers to the physical structures such as pipes and air conditioning, while soft refers to elements that are managed by people, such as cleaning and security.

These two elements combined are important to ensure everything inside a building runs as smoothly as possible. For Groundwork companies Bristol, visit a site like https://www.chewvalleyconstruction.co.uk/services/groundwork-companies-bristol/.

Examples Hard Facilities Management:

maintenance of buildings

CCTV system

access system

air conditioning

fire safety

structural maintenance

Heating & Ventilation Systems

Mechanical & Electrical Services

Examples of Soft Facilities Management:

pest control

Grounds Maintenance

security services

Catering & Vending

Janitorial service

waste management

Concierge & Reception Service

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Why are these services so important?

Like many services, facilities management tends to go unnoticed until something goes wrong! Given the wide range of services involved, the decision to outsource this service to a particular service provider will lighten the load for facilities managers from all the challenges that come along with maintaining a building.

Believe it or not, the maintenance and operation of a building consumes 70 percent of the total cost of ownership for the facility.

Facilities Management can:

Reduce costs and optimize investment

Improve operational utilization, availability and flexibility

Comply with environmental standards and address concerns

Maintain regulatory compliance

Improve security and reduce risk

Provide an attractive environment

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