Top things to know about a career in trucking

It’s independent, but it can be lonely

To be a successful long-distance lorry driver, you have to have an independent streak and enjoy spending a lot of time in your own company. The amount of social contact you have depends on what kind of job you’re doing. Long-distance haulage is a lot less social than short stops because at each stop, you have a chance to talk to people and socialise a bit. The fewer the stops, the fewer the chats.

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For some drivers, of course, this is a relief. Alone in the cab, listening to their favourite bands on the in-cab music system or keeping the radio on through the night, many drivers actually find their job relaxing.

It’s good for self-managers

No one is standing by you telling you what to do or how to tackle any problems that arise. While it’s true that you can phone the office, you’re the one who will actually be dealing with challenges on the ground.

The truck camera systems available today offer the driver a lot of reassurance in terms of security, safety, and being able to negotiate tricky driving situations single-handed with the assistance of CCTV.

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You need to be able to organise your time, planning deliveries and keeping to a schedule. Many firms allow drivers to plan their own day as long as they keep within the restrictions of the EU working time directive.

It suits those who welcome further training

Anyone who wants to drive a large goods vehicle (LGV) has to pass the HGV Class 2 certificate. After that, they have to take the Class 1 certificate. Only then are they allowed out on the road.

For a driver working for a professional trucking company, training is pretty much continuous. Part of the reason is the way that all kinds of loads, from building materials to food products, have special regulations governing the way they must be transported and handled.

In fact, the government insists that drivers undergo 35 hours of training every five years to maintain their “Driver Certificate of Professional Competence

It has a “cool factor”

Leaving the best until last, truck drivers look pretty cool sitting up there above the traffic in their high-tech rigs. Who’s going to object to that?

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