To Move or Not to Move, That Is the Question

It’s a typical problem we all face at some point, the home we found and fell in love with is no longer big enough to accommodate our growing family or aspirations. What seemed like a practical, compact decision a few years back now leads to dreams in which we find a door to a whole new floor.

To Move or Not to Move

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At some point, almost every homeowner faces the decision of whether or not to move into a new and possibly inferior property in the quest for space. The alternative of course is to extend or convert, to create the space you need in the home you own, but is this really a viable option?

The Cost

Let’s get this subject out of the way right now. Moving house costs money. Extending and renovating costs money too, but this is money you can realise from a sale in the future. When we move house, we pay out a lot of money for services rather than assets and that money is never recovered. If your space needs are relatively modest, always consider a loft conversion or extension first.

Design Control

With so many variables, the price, size and location of a new home to consider, it’s hardly surprising that the appearance sometimes has to take a back seat. As a result many are choosing to utilise loft conversion services in North London or elsewhere as they allow clients to exercise full design control over their new space. Specialised loft conversion designers like the ones at and others work closely to ensure the new space suits its owners needs and tastes.

The Convenience

No one will deny that moving house is a big hassle. Converting a loft or extending a loft might rate in our imaginations as a bigger hassle, but when considering the practicalities, it hardly compares. For a start, all the work takes place during the day when your family is out of the house. What’s more, the space being converted is more then likely not in use before the conversion, so no space is lost in the interim.

For these reasons stated, we would always advise home owners to consider a conversion first. If more space is the only reason you have for moving, doesn’t it make sense simply to create more space?

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