Tips when using a bending machine

No machine on a factory or workshop floor is without risk. All heavy machinery presents some degree of risk to those who operate it, but some pose far greater risks than others. Such machines require the owner and operator to give it due respect and to put in place comprehensive training and safety awareness to avoid problems.

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Hydraulic and press brake bending machines

Bending machines are capable of applying forces that most other machines cannot handle. They can bend a piece of the strongest metal as if it were a paper straw, so it goes without saying that they need very special handling. They are manufactured to meet rigorous safety standards, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations will lead to a faultless and safe operation.

Watching an experienced operator will provide an invaluable introduction to the machine. There is no substitute for training; making yourself familiar with the machine is essential. You’ll need to know, for example, where it can and cannot be safely handled and how much time there is between movement.

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Manufacturers recommend the machine is warmed up before use to reduce stress on parts. Make sure the machine is cleaned on a regular basis and all burrs and filings are disposed of. Workwear and PPE that has been provided should be worn and used at all times. Goggles will prevent shards and filings injuring your eyes, and protective boots will protect your feet from being injured by falling scrap.

Why safety matters

Accidents caused by misuse of machinery or lack of training will cause more than injury to an employee. It will also cause reputational damage and could lead to compensation claims that can end a business. A useful guide for those who operate machinery can be found on the HSE website.

One guaranteed method of ensuring the machine you invest in is the safest on the market is to buy it from an established and quality-driven provider, such as Cotswold Machinery Sales. There is a complete range of bending machines from Cotswold Machinery Sales.

All companies can benefit from using the right machinery, in the right hands, with the right training. Your hard-earned reputation can rely on that. Trying to cut costs or corners at the expense of health and safety is always a bad idea.


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