Three common boiler problems

  1. Radiators not producing enough heat

Fault: Your radiators are cold, even though your boiler is heating up.

Fix: Check for trapped air. You can probably fix the problem yourself if it’s just one or two radiators that aren’t getting hot enough.

There may be air in the pipes that lead to or from the boiler if the problem is widespread. Air in the system can also be detected by loud banging or groaning sounds. This is something that a boiler technician can solve relatively easily. For Boiler Replacement Cheltenham, visit

A faulty thermostat can also be the cause of your radiators not heating up as much as you would expect. This is a sign that the boiler switches itself on and off without warning because the thermostat does not monitor or regulate the temperature properly.

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  1. The boiler won’t ignite

Fault: Your boiler’s pilot is out.

Fix: The pilot light must be lit for ignition to occur. A thermocouple that is faulty and not allowing gas to flow properly can cause a pilot lamp to go out. Another common cause of a failing pilot light is a gas supply problem. Contact your gas provider immediately if you suspect a problem with the supply.

The water pressure may also be too low. If the pressure gauge is below 1, this could explain why your boiler will not turn on. You can manually adjust water pressure on some older boiler models via a valve. However, always refer to the manufacturer’s instructions as to what setting is best. You should also check for visible signs that the system is leaking, which may be the cause of the drop in pressure. Or you may need to replace your pressure-relief device.

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  1. Hot water that is inconsistent

Fault: Your taps and showers can’t settle on a constant temperature.

Fix: When the water in your shower and taps is freezing cold for a few seconds and then red hot, you should check a number of things. A faulty thermostat could again be the cause of this, failing to regulate temperature. Or it could be an issue with water pressure causing the boilers to turn on and off quickly. Other components such as airlocks or valves that are damaged or broken could be the cause. A boiler engineer would need to look into this further and replace any necessary parts.

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