Things to look for when choosing an office

Finding office space for your business can be exciting yet daunting. Read our tips below on finding a space that is accessible, cost-effective and pleasant to work in.

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Public transport

Investigate the public transport networks nearby. In London, this will mean nearby underground stations and bus routes. Mainline stations are also important. Check the frequency of trains and find out whether any long-term closures are planned that might affect your staff and visitors.

Also, think about employees’ stress levels if they face a new lengthy commute.

Car journeys

Monitor local traffic patterns and how staff and visitors might be affected when driving to work. Do a test drive during rush hour.

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Image of the area

The reputation of the local area will affect potential clients. A good neighbourhood will make your staff and visitors feel safer.


Are your neighbours competitors? Could there be problems? If you are next to a residential area, having work done may involve you having to follow noise rules.


You don’t want your staff to be on the road for long periods when visiting clients.

Taxis and couriers

You will want to think about proximity to local taxi companies and courier companies.

Neighbourhood security

Consider your employees’ routes to work. They should feel safe both inside and outside the office, especially if they are on foot.


Investigate the local area – what are the eating places like? Will staff need to travel far in their lunch break? Check out places for dining in and for takeaways.

Local amenities

Your staff will need to run errands during their lunch hour at work. If you can locate your office near a pharmacy, bank and shopping area, your staff will be grateful.


Find out whether there are any construction projects nearby, either current or planned. These may be unsightly in addition to causing air pollution and noise. Major works can be disruptive and an eyesore.

There is some great advice available online on finding a space for your new business. When choosing offices to let Basingstoke offers some impressive options, such as

Other offices

If you have other offices that staff need to visit regularly, consider your closeness to them and bear in mind staff journey times.

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