Things to check when buying a used vehicle

The Body

Check the top, sides, and underside of the van. Look for any rust. Press the area if you see any rust. It’s a sign that the rust is deeper if it makes a cracking noise. It’s a big red flag if the van also has significant rust.

Check if minor damage can be repaired. If the paint is not in harmony or the body structure is poor, it could be a sign that a van was written off prior to repairs. The van’s interior should also be in good shape to allow for loading.

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Engine and Gears

Make sure that the engine noise is not too loud or thumping. It’s not a major issue, but if you ignore a tapping sound it could mean that the engine is in need of replacement.

Ensure that the exhaust does not emit black or blue smoke. A healthy car/engine is going to naturally emit steam or droplets of water. You should also start the van cold, as some vehicles have problems with cold-starting. It is possible that the seller has allowed the van to run in order to hide any obvious problems when starting from cold.

The gears should also change smoothly, without jerks. You should drive the vehicle to make sure that it transmits without delay. For Used Vans for sale Birmingham, contact

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Tyres & Suspension

You should check the tyres for signs of wear to avoid buying a van that has bad tyres. You will want the suspension to be in good order too. Push your body on the front of the van 2 to 3 times. The shock absorbers will likely be fine if your van bounces fewer than three times, or returns quickly to its original position after a bounce.

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