These are the cons of working as a scaffolder

Working as a scaffolder can often have a lot of challenges and drawbacks. Here we’ll share some cons to working as a scaffolder.
Working as a scaffolder is physically demanding

Scaffolding work will normally involve heavy lifting, climbing ladders, and working at heights. The repetitive nature of the tasks can increase the risk of injuries over time.

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Scaffolders often have to change their careers as they get older

Due to the very physical nature of the job, many scaffolders find it difficult to stay in this career as they age. Early retirement or changing jobs to a less physically demanding role is often necessary.

Scaffolders often damage their bodies

Constantly doing physically demanding tasks can result in chronic health issues such as joint pain and back problems. The impact really builds up and, after years of scaffolding work, you can end up with a lot of different long-term injuries.

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Tasks can be really repetitive

Scaffolding work often involves performing the same tasks repeatedly, and can sometimes be quite monotonous and boring.

You have high levels of responsibility as a scaffolder

Scaffolders will often have a significant responsibility for ensuring the safety of themselves and their work colleagues. Any lapses in judgement or mistakes can have serious consequences and lead to injury.

You may be liable for mistakes

You may face legal repercussions or financial liabilities in the event of accidents or errors on the job. You will need to ensure that you are covered by suitable insurance in case of an emergency.

You may not be able to save enough money for retirement

Despite the physical demands and risks involved, scaffolding may not always pay well. You may struggle to acquire savings or gather what you need for a comfortable retirement.

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Working as a scaffolder is risky

Scaffolding work carries big risks, including falls and accidents. Accidents are unfortunately common in the industry and can result in serious injuries or fatalities.

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