The Ultimate Guide to Web Design for the Hotel Industry

Web design has come a long way from the age of basic HTML. Thankfully, websites are now sophisticated and functional and serve as a meaningful method of lead generation for a lot of businesses. What a website does and how it looks can also largely depend on the industry in which your business sits; in this instance we look at the hotel industry.

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Step 1: Analyse Your Needs

Whether you’re looking nationally or locally for Lincolnshire web design, you have to start with understanding what you want your website to do. There is no shortage of competition in the hotel industry, so a good starting point is to think about what makes your business unique. What is the one thing that you do better than anyone else in your area, and would it drive people to choose you?

Once you have this in mind, consider what you want people to do on your website. Do you want them to book online or call you directly? Knowing the direction and purpose you want your site to serve will make the process a lot easier.

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Step 2: Planning and Design

Planning is essential, and in order to do this well, you should already be clear on what objectives you want to achieve by launching a website for your hotel. Here is where it can be useful to take a step back and assess your business objectively. Are there weaknesses that could be a sticking point for people? Think about how you’d address this. For example, if your hotel has no on-site parking but is close to secure parking, make this clear.

Once you’ve approached a professional designer like with a comprehensive brief, you should be prepared to supply a range of information to them. High-quality pictures are an absolute must for the industry, and some would even consider having customer reviews on the website as a must-have.

Step 3: Launch and Beyond

Once your website is live, expect there to be a period of time when things might not work as you expected, or there might be bumps in the road with customers using a new online booking system. This is where communication with your website company is vital. Also consider your traffic sources and adjust for mobile/desktop optimisation where necessary.

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