The three Emergency Services

We are incredibly lucky in our country that we have free access to three essential emergency services, the Police, Ambulance and Fire-brigade. We only have to dial 999 and can then immediately speak to a call handler who will put us in direct contact with the emergency service we need. The police are involved if we are the victims of a crime, the ambulance if we need urgent medical assistance and the fire-brigade are called if there is a fire or major accident on the roads.

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The fire-brigade will help free any trapped motorists and clean away any potentially hazardous fuel spills with specialist Spill Kits provided by professional companies such as  The ambulance service with their highly trained Paramedics on board will treat any injured motorists and take them to hospital if necessary and the police will make sure the area is safe and direct drivers as to what to do and where to go.

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Our three emergency services often work together especially when a major incident has occurred, these tragedies can include road traffic accidents, train or aeroplane crashes, bombs, large industrial fires, or other large-scale accidents and incidents.  As a member of the general public, we can all make a phone call and speak to an emergency services operator and get help if we need it in an emergency situation.  It’s a wonderful and free service that nobody should take for granted or call unless absolutely necessary.


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