The increasing demand for custom build property

For many decades, the UK’s housing stock has been constructed mostly by a small number of large house building firms. There has been little room for individuality with much compromise being made in terms of choice. Thankfully, all this is changing with custom build homes.

In the past, choice was limited in terms of both design and plot size, with estates looking very similar. There was little, if no input from the buyer on how the house would be designed and constructed. When it comes to custom building, there is huge flexibility and it’s all about choice. Find out more about Self Build Homes at a site like IFurb, a provider of Self Build Homes.

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You don’t need to a whizz at DIY or even know a lot about building to get involved in a custom build project. Working with a developer and possibly an architect, you can work together in creating your dream home. The key to success is finding the right plot and the right size of plot.

Custom build housing is known as demand-led housing and it’s important that local councils and private landowners know about such demand so that they can plan the demand for this type of housing in their area. This way, more opportunities will be created.

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There is government support for this type of building as well, as they are making sure that local councils in England consider the demand for custom build homes and are permitting a sufficient amount of planning permissions for such activity. Planning activities and housing policy should also be taking custom build into account in their strategies.

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