The importance of regular boiler servicing

There are many reasons why you should get your boiler serviced annually, but keeping your family safe is the most important. Treating it to a regular service will help to ensure it runs without fault as a temperamental boiler can be dangerous and put lives in danger.Preventing the release of carbon monoxide

Being able to detect the harmful symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning is essential. Getting the boiler serviced annually by a professional will stop faults from arising, and you can be confident in the knowledge that the family is safe and protected. The problem with carbon monoxide is that the gas is tasteless, colourless and odourless and that means it is difficult to detect its presence on the premises.

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Keep the boiler warranty valid

During the warranty period, which can be up to ten years, manufacturers require the householder to have an annual boiler service to maintain the validity of the warranty. If you fail to have a service carried out every year, then the warranty may become void. If a problem arises, then the householder may have to pay the full repair costs.

Save money on unwanted repairs

Regular maintenance on the home boiler can ensure the heating system is reliable and cuts down on repairs. An annual visit by a professional can help to fix any issues. Regular checks can uncover potential problems that, if left unresolved, could spiral out of control and lead to the requirement for a new boiler.

If you require a boiler service Cheltenham, you can call on the expertise of a number of professionals including According to SW Londoner skipping annual boiler services can put nearly a third of UK homes at risk.

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Fewer breakdowns for your gas boiler

When you have the gas boiler serviced, all the components are checked and replaced if required. This can give you confidence during the harsh winter months as your boiler is less likely to break down. A regularly serviced boiler will work more efficiently, and you will be using less fuel, thereby reducing energy bills.

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