The importance of mobile friendly web design

At some time or another, we’ve all had frustrating or confusing experiences trying to navigate a desktop styled site from our mobile device. Research confirms 57% of us draw the line when a website takes longer than three seconds to load. We also leave a site if a website’s shopping cart isn’t configured for mobile devices.

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Today’s users are mobile users. It’s crucial for your business website to be mobile-enabled, especially since organisations such as Google prioritise mobile friendly sites in their search results. Here are our top five reasons why making your website mobile friendly is crucial for online success.

Happy customers

If your customers are happy, they will be loyal to those mobile websites they can shop from at any time, day or night. Successful online businesses understand how critical a mobile site is to their bottom line. They know that if they don’t offer a mobile-optimised site, they could lose significant sales from lucrative impulse purchases.

A different creature

Do not confuse a mobile user with a desktop user, as their needs are completely different. A mobile user seeks fast, easy to find and reliable facts. They also spend more per purchase – all those easy impulse buys. Don’t alienate your visitors, but show them you understand their needs and offer a website they can use on the go.

Idle time

Think of all the traffic that your website could receive whilst your visitors sit in traffic on the commute to work, or watch television, or wait for a friend to meet them after work.

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I’ll be back

Provide users with a positive mobile experience and they will like your brand, and return again later for another visit when they’re using their desktop. iGOweb, who offer web design in south Devon (, confirm that by giving your users what they’re looking for when they need it, you can create customer loyalty and return visitors. The key is to provide a mobile site that really works.

Higher conversions

Offer a mobile friendly website and you’ll see an immediate return,as your conversions will skyrocket. Calls to action attract a much higher response rate on a mobile site than on a desktop version. Users find the easy to locate contact information and other calls to action easier to navigate.

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