The importance of a school prospectus

A well-designed prospectus is essential, but many schools think of something other than professional marketers. However, like any business, schools must develop their ‘brand’ and gain confidence in selling themselves and their best attributes, ethos, and values.

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Here are some tips for designing a great prospectus:

  • A picture can tell a thousand words. Large, high-quality images can make a lasting impression and offer a warm, welcoming vision of your school. Try to capture the spirit and culture of the school by including photos of facilities and areas the students particularly love. For help creating a School Prospectus Design, visit a site such as
  • Avoid lengthy text passages. Some text will need to be longer, but on the whole, keep the word count to a minimum. Short, snappy sentences are catchier, as well as captions and mottos. Consider breaking up paragraphs with images to create a more engaging read.
  • Curriculum details. Aside from images and punchy text, parents need curriculum information to compare schools in their area. You’ll want to include all the great things about your broad subjects, and if you offer anything unique or unavailable elsewhere, be sure to shout it from the rooftops!

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  • Extracurricular activities. In addition to curriculum information, show how proud you are of the extra activities. These include an array of lunchtime clubs, after-school sports, orchestras, choirs, and anything else that can offer a student a well-rounded and exciting school life.

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