The Five Hottest Style Bloggers

Fashion bloggers have become a law unto themselves, and these independent, opinionated contributors now have major influence over the industry. By choosing a platform that is universally accessible, many fashion bloggers have earned international recognition and acclaim.

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Some fashion bloggers have gone on to appear in TV shows, created their own clothing lines or become household names, and it’s been said that these online contributors are rivalling even the major fashion magazines. Fashion bloggers will cover everything from everyday wear right through to commenting on the latest clothing of celebrities.

The five bloggers listed here are some of the hottest on the planet and attract a huge number of hits with every post.

The Blonde Salad

27-year-old Chiara Ferragni is a born and bred Italian living in Los Angeles. With more than three million followers on Instagram, Ferragni’s eclectic mix of opinion pieces has earned her the respect of the fashion world. Considered a global star, Ferragni was on the panel to decide the LVMH Prize for 2015 and has appeared on the cover of Lucky Magazine.

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The Curvy Fashionista

This fashionista loves all things curvy and plus sized. Her blog is both fashion and lifestyle based and she really embraces her curves. She shares information from retailers, independent designers and events that are being held across the. With around three posts per week on her blog you can get tips on the latest trends in beauty and accessories for your Plus Size Dresses that you can find from stockists such as


Quintessentially British and featuring stunning retro images taken at iconic locations, 24-year-old Carrie Harwood has a natural eye for fashion. Her blog is the kind of place fashionistas find stylish, and it often features unique items and her fashion-travel articles are inspirational.

Wendy’s Lookbook

Wendy Nguyen is based in LA, and her blog and YouTube channel attract a massive audience. Her 2011 video that illustrated 25 different ways to wear a scarf has over 29 million views, and the slick, stylish photos on her blog have made her a favourite on the global fashion stage.

Fashion Toast

Riumi Neely launched her blog in 2007, and her photo-heavy posts with uber-cool models and clothes has made her incredibly popular – so much so that she has a whole generation of followers who have adopted her style, and she has launched her own clothing line called Are You Am I.

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