The Benefits of a Clean and Tidy Working Space

As business owners and managers focus on the day-to-day running of their operations, it can be easy for cleaning and tidying to be sidelined. This can be a major mistake for your company however, as a messy and dirty work environment can lead to low productivity and morale, and higher levels of absenteeism.

The Benefits of a Clean and Tidy Working Space

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Whether you choose a specialist in commercial cleaning in Belfast or opt to do it yourself in London, keeping an orderly workplace is undoubtedly worth the time, effort or financial outlay.

The Reasons Why

Reducing germs helps to keep your team healthier and reducing clutter can be vital in helping workers complete tasks more efficiently and effectively. A neat and tidy workplace can prevent time being wasted on looking for missing items and prevent employees from feeling mentally stifled by a messy or cluttered environment.

Choosing to make use of commercial cleaning companies such as or pick up the bin bags and dusters yourself can also improve the accuracy of your workforce. Researchers from Michigan State University in the US, for example, found that interruptions lasting just seconds – such as the time needed to search for something – can triple the number of errors found in pieces of work.

Increased Safety

Another major benefit of a clean and orderly workplace is that the risk of employees getting hurt is significantly reduced. This can ensure that workers are not forced to take time off work and that your business is not subject to unnecessary compensation claims.

An organised approach to business also sets a good example to employees and gives a good impression to customers and clients. It can also prevent money being wasted by ensuring that supplies are kept on track and ordering replacements only happens when really required.

Costly for Business

A disorganised environment can often lead to important documents being lost, misplaced or damaged, and this can be extremely detrimental to your business. Your clients or customers want to feel that they are central to your company’s operations and are unlikely to take kindly if their files or other documents do not seem to be cared for.

Losing important business documents or not being able to produce them when required can also have legal repercussions, as can not storing and protecting sensitive information appropriately.

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