Technology to drive industrial mixer market

Industrial mixers are used in a range of manufacturing industries. They mix distinctive materials to create a homogeneous product. An example of this is pozzocrete cement, which is made by mixing cement and coal ash.

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The global market

There are eight different types of mixers, including static mixers, paddle mixers, agitators, ribbon blenders, emulsifiers, homogenisers and drum mixers. All of these have various applications and each type of mixer is used in a variety of industries. These include food and beverages, plastics manufacture, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and many more.

Companies that use mixers include SPX Corp and JBW Systems. These are companies in the global market which have grown considerably over the years.

The chemical industry uses mixers to manufacture explosives, blend liquid and solid chemicals and to blend powdered detergents.

Pharmaceutical companies make a lot of different drug products. They use the mixers to combine many ingredients.

The food and beverage industry utilises mixers to produce cake mixes, blend spices quickly, and mix ingredients for other food and drink items.

Mixers allow businesses to produce products quickly and effectively, and for that reason, they’ve grown in popularity. They’re increasingly being used by smaller businesses and companies are benefitting from reduced manufacturing costs.

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The future

Governments are keen to invest in developing industrial mixer technology further, and more small and medium scale companies are encouraging and supporting it. Huge developments are expected within the next few years, and countries with developing economies will also grow their use of mixers.

The most substantial industrial mixer markets are Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe. Asia Pacific has experienced rapid industrialisation within the plastics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals industries. Italy, Germany and the UK are the largest market for industrial mixers in Europe.

With competition among businesses fierce, industrial mixers are a good solution to maximising the manufacturing output of your business. Many businesses are turning to static mixers. There are companies offering advice and good deals on the products, including statiflo.

The main advantage of mixers is the speed at which they perform and their low power requirements. It means businesses can develop their products but save costs at the same time. With all of the developing technology, it’s clear that industrial mixers will play a big part in the future of the manufacturing industry.

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