Stuttgart’s Finest – the Best of the Current BMW Crop

The range of cars from BMW has never failed to inspire feelings of trust and envy. Famed for their reliable engineering, as well as their sleek design and style, a BMW, whether used or new, is an excellent choice for a premium car. But with such a large variety of models, which are the best?

Stuttgarts Finest - the Best of the Current BMW Crop

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BMW 3 Series

The best-selling model ever produced by BMW, accounting for around 30 per cent of annual sales for the manufacturer. The 3 Series offers remarkable fuel economy, excellent performance and a distinctly spacious cabin, adding a hint of luxury to the saloon model. Higher spec variants, such as the 320d, offer even greater levels of performance and a lot of extras, such as leather seats.

BMW 1 Series

First released in 2004 to replace the 3 Series Compact range, the 1 Series presents a combination of compact size at a reduced cost, but with no compromise on style, build quality or performance. Widely regarded to be one of the best small family cars that money can buy, the 1 Series is cheap to run and pleasant to drive. Despite less spaciousness compared to other BMW rivals, the low emissions and decent fuel economy make this hatchback a worthy contender.

Low emission variants such as the 116d not only cut pollutants and greenhouse gases, but also help to minimise running costs by reducing car tax, fuel bills and Low Emission Zone charges in London.


First emerging onto the scene in 1999, the X5 is a luxury sports utility vehicle. Its engine offers outstanding performance and fuel economy, producing a surprisingly agile car. The X5 is expensive, leading many ordinary consumers to utilise firms like and others offering car credit in Portsmouth and elsewhere to make such a purchase feasible. Models like the xDrive30d, with a petrol engine, are usually priced lower than diesel variants and the initial savings cover the extra cost for petrol fuel.


Designed by BMW’s motorsport team, the M3 is a high performance variant of the highly popular 3 Series saloon. With models dating back to 1986, the improvements offered include more responsive engines, lighter components and a more aerodynamic build. The M3, to this day, is the only car to have earned more titles in Motorsport than the mighty Porsche 911.

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