Social media is powerful

In the right hands, social media can be a very powerful tool and be used to contact friends, relatives and other business from right the way around the world.  Businesses are using it to advertise their brand, sell products and even buy other peoples brands.

Off course it can also be a way to spread the word about something negative like reviews or something that has happened you don’t want people knowing.

Before the internet gossip spread through word of mouth which was one person told ten and then they each told ten.  With social media one person can tell thousands of people within seconds.

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Here are a few ways you could use social media –

Marketplace – There is a gigantic marketplace where thousand of people buy and sell products kind of like a huge car boot sale but in the comfort of your own home and you get more than 20 pence for your items.  Yu can browse through pictures, descriptions and price of product and even put the filter on location first bringing up people closest to you.  Some of these products are still new and in the wrapper but discounted because they are second hand

Advertise – You can very easily advertise yourself on social media for a very low cost and depending on the kind of business you are, even post pictures and videos of what you do to entice people to visit your site.  Some businesses go as far as using it to create competitions to win prizes but cleverly signing people up as a friend or creating new accounts with them to gain data. Once again the great thing is once one person has seen and liked it they could have up to and beyond a hundred friends who might then see it and share it.

Meetings – Social media can be used to call clients through an internet connection which is very handy when you want to see them face to face. Before making that call it might be wise to contact a Cheltenham PR company like It also means that lots of people could potentially join the call from anywhere in the world. You can also share documents or pictures whilst on the call and if you need to move from one location to another without worrying about wires.

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Connectivity – Businesses can now see peoples profiles that they create about themselves like their work experience, previous awards or accolades, what they want to achieve, a recent picture and more.  They can choose to contact the potential candidate privately and see if they are interested and the other way round someone might be looking for work in a particular field and could contact business to see if they have jobs going.

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