Six types of security seal and their advantages

Security is key to protecting businesses and commercial goods, and there are many types of seals which will make a break-in or theft much more difficult for the intruder. Different businesses will require different security measures and there will be a solution to fit your needs.

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High security bolt seals will secure your property

Bolt seals give maximum protection and will require a bolt cutter to be removed. Some seals are even manufactured using an extra secure bolt, which prevents intruders or thieves removing them using a cutter. They are relatively easy to apply, and with the steel bolt, provide extra security.

Durable cable seals are versatile yet tamperproof

Flexible and tamperproof, cable seals are user-friendly. They are easily customisable and come in a range of different diameters to suit any application. From shipping containers to smaller security, the cables are appropriate for a variety of commercial and domestic needs, from valves to shipping.

Heavy duty applications call for metal seals

Metal strapping seals provide strength and peace of mind when it comes to security. They can withstand higher stress. Made from galvanised hard steel, they are ideal for heavy duty applications and continuous use. Businesses requiring security seal products can source them from a variety of retailers.

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According to MENAFN, the metal to metal seal market is set to grow significantly over the next few years.

Padlock seals are small seals and easy to use

Many businesses and individuals use padlock seals due to their ease of use. From sheds to commercial buildings, they are generally used to prevent intruders from opening doors. They can be used for a variety of purposes in many industries, from key cabinets to airline food trolleys and even first aid kits.

Wire seals prevent tampering and theft

Wire seals will also prevent tampering, theft, and unauthorised access. They are ideal for seals that must be fitted through smaller openings. They are similar to plastic seals but the addition of wires gives them an added advantage.

Fixed-length plastic seals are among the most impenetrable

Strong fixed-length plastic seals are durable and ideal for securing cargo for shipment. They are relatively inexpensive, and ideal for small to medium sized businesses or even multi-national companies who want to keep costs to a minimum.

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