Six Tips for Marketing Your Business This Christmas

Looking for a marketing boost this festive season? Take a look at the following six tips that can bring you results during this busy time of the year.

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1. Develop a Marketing Plan for Christmas

Research suggests that UK consumers will spend an average of nearly £300 each at e-commerce sites during the festive season. This means that you have a great opportunity to sell your products to a motivated customer base. However, to capitalise on this opportunity, you will need to develop a specific marketing plan that covers boosting your traffic or incentivising your products (or both).

2. Understand Your Customers’ Needs

This is especially important at Christmas, as your customers will exhibit different buying behaviours. Refine your customer personas to take into account how they will shop during the festive season. If you don’t have your personas, now would be a good time to create them.

3. Understand Where You ‘Fit’ at Christmas

Of course, not all online businesses will experience the same uplift in sales over Christmas. So use your analytics to take a look at how you have performed over previous festive periods. This data will inform how you approach the current season.

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4. Decide on Your Most Valuable Marketing Channels

Focus your energies on the channels on which your customer base spends its time. Whether that is email marketing, social media or ads (or a combination), once you know what works, you can channel your time and resources accordingly.

5. Bring in Extra Marketing Help

If you don’t have the in-house resources or talent to effectively implement your Christmas marketing plan, it is a good time to consider hiring experts who can help you attract customers and retain them into the New Year. A company that specialises in web design in Yorkshire or elsewhere, such as, can be a good investment if you want to maximise your exposure and traction.

6. Measure Your Progress

Finally, it is important to monitor how successful your Christmas marketing plan has been. This will guide your marketing efforts next year. Keep the elements that work and rethink the elements that did not perform as well as expected.

The festive season is an important time for the majority of retailers. Take the right actions now to make sure your business enjoys a Christmas bump this year.


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