Should I get a Part-Time Job while at University?

Many students know all too well the hardships of being a university or college student with empty pockets. There are so many obligations from the very first day of lectures. You have rent to pay for. Mum isn’t around anymore, so you’re probably going to have to stock up the fridge yourself (and perhaps learn how to cook) and on top of all that, you have dozens of study supplies to pay for.

This cost will only increase further if you are doing a degree that requires you to buy a lot of books or art supplies, for example. Most students need a part-time job to stay on top of things whilst others choose to march onwards and live off cheap take outs and the occasional pot noodle etc.

Should I get a Part-Time Job while at University

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However, the question remains: should you get a part-time job or not? Here are some factors to take into consideration before making up your mind:

Balancing Work and Study

Some people are under the impression that a student who both works and studies will fail to succeed to their full potential. This is hardly the case and completely untrue. There is a secret to it and that is learning how to properly balance work and study. Only take the work hours that you can afford and make sure that it doesn’t cut into your study time. Make a list to help with your time management skills and you will surely find a way to both work and study without jeopardising your performance in either area.

Financial Responsibility

If you are student living away from home, chances are, you already have a list of things you need to pay for. This could include anything from transportation costs, electricity and heating bills, rent and study supplies etc. Whilst some students are eligible for grants and maintenance loans from the government etc. many others have to get a part-time job in order to afford university life. If you need help with finding a job in your area, get in contact with, a well-established recruitment agent in Belfast.

Gain Valuable Work Experience

Having a part-time job while at university is great because you will gain valuable work experience in the process. According to the Independent, undertaking a part-time job increases the likelihood of a graduate’s employability. This is even better if the said work experience is somehow relevant to your chosen field of study. Many students participate in relevant internships with other businesses in their same field of interest. This will give you a great opportunity to experience the world of work and gain further knowledge regarding your chosen expertise.

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