SEO implications of web design and development decisions

As an integral part of every business, a complete overhaul of your website is going to be necessary at some point. You may need to improve your overall user experience, revamp your content, undertake a full rebrand, or even decide to commit to the construction of a brand new website entirely from the foundations upwards.

SEO implications of web design and development decisions

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Whatever changes you choose, it is important to closely consider the impact they will have on your website’s SEO, and also to think about how you can stabilise your position or make changes to your strategy to improve your optimisation.

Avoiding negative SEO implications from a design overhaul

Arranging a dedicated SEO meeting with your web design team is vital because you both need to be on the same page. This will give you the opportunity to outline any improvements you would like to see, as well as hearing some of the potential issues that may arise during the design process.

Understand your search engine performance

Before your website redesign occurs, you must take the time to understand, in detail, exactly how your current website is performing within search engines. This is because you need to be able to identify any negative impacts to your SEO from design alterations as soon as possible. Understanding why they are occurring will help you to implement a comprehensive strategy that will boost your optimisation.

It is likely that you will also end up with a list of aspects that could be improved, which you can present to your design team and collectively figure out how to use your redesign to improve your rankings. Professional Kent web development agencies, such as, understand that as well as working for your customers, your website also needs to work for your business.

Link internally

External links are important, but internal links should be a high priority. As this MOZ article explains, not only will logical internal linking help to guide your visitors around your content, search engines will recognise your website as being particularly helpful and valuable.

Alt Tags

They may appear to be an insignificant element, but consistent employment of alt tags should not be overlooked. Encourage your team to use them within every image because they can be more beneficial than keywords when it comes to boosting your SEO.

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