Security Tips for Leaving your Home to Go on Holiday

Before you go away on holiday, it is important to be aware of the dangers of leaving your home empty whilst you are away. One of the biggest threats to your home when you are on holiday is burglary – here are some things that you can do to reduce your risk of being the victim of a burglar…

Make sure all of your home is secure. Door and windows should not only be locked but be secure. This goes for the doors to outbuildings, like your garage too, as these are often overlooked by homeowners, although not by burglars. If you need a replacement door, contact a specialist like this garage doors Taunton based company before you go.

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Resist posting information about your holiday on social media. Although you might want people to know all about it, and you are excited by it, burglars often get information on who is home and who isn’t by viewing social media accounts. So be careful about who is reading about your holiday plans and seeing your holiday snaps!

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Get someone to make sure that your house is looking lived in whilst you are away. Signs that your home is empty include the house always being in darkness, post building up in the hallway, cars gone from the drive and a lawn that isn’t being mowed or watered. Ask someone you trust if they could pop in and take care of your home, and put your lights on a timer so that it looks as if someone is in.

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