Pushing mobile sites and apps: some essentials

Ignoring the mobile world altogether can be a disaster, but businesses that do choose to develop apps and websites that are optimised for portable platforms must also make sure that they embrace strong marketing strategies to succeed.

Pushing mobile sites and apps

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Getting mobile marketing right can be tricky, with advertisers going to great lengths to assess the psychology of users in order to hone their promotions and products to meet their expectations.

What are the best ways to push mobile sites and apps, and how can businesses broach this part of the market without being sidelined by better-prepared rivals?

Unifying Efforts

To make sure mobile sites and apps earn the visitor numbers and downloads they deserve, their marketing cannot be an afterthought. Instead, it is vital to make sure that your promotional efforts are coordinated with the development process.

You must also make sure that your marketing budget matches that of the amount you are spending on development because it is only through significant investment that real returns can be generated.

Picking Platforms for Promotion

In addition to working out whether to focus your marketing efforts in the digital or physical arenas, you must also look at how best to leverage paid ads and the indirect ways in which a site or an app can gain traction.

Optimising a site to rank well on search engines is just as important as making an app that will climb to the top of the download charts. You will also have to balance organic SEO against the need to ensure that your social media presence is significant enough to engage with potential customers.

Getting in touch with an SEO agency in Dublin such as www.rycomarketing.ie/ will help you simplify the decision-making process and get expert advice on how to build a marketing strategy.

Think Creatively

Not every project will have enough of a marketing budget to allow for promotional campaigns that achieve blanket coverage. Therefore, the most impactful way to get your mobile sites and apps noticed is by thinking creatively and generating a buzz in a way that is as cost-effective as possible.

Social media is clearly helpful in this respect, but it is more important to create a campaign that is naturally going to earn shares rather than relying solely on integration with existing platforms.

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