Problems with the lock? We teach six tricks to solve

Sure has happened to you more than one: the key does not fit, do not turn, turn but does not open, the lock is hard as a rock … It is customary, the mechanism locks is delicate and often requires little maintenance.

So do not take fright and know how to react when you have a problem accessing your home, you have six tricks used by professional locksmith you will be very useful when…

Problems with the lock

  1. The key does not fit

Well, if the key is new, you can keep your copy asperities that have not been properly filed, and are blocking the way. Come to any setting back the keys and asked to review and properly auctioned.

If the copy worked fine at the time, notice if there is something preventing entry: dirt or other malicious body. If so, it uses a pin or needle to remove carefully, trying not to introduce further.

If nothing visible but very cold, you may lock is simply cold. Heat gently set to break the ice and try to introduce it gradually.

If all else has failed, try lubricated with graphite powder spray.

  1. It costs a lot to turn the key

Is it a combined opening mechanism -of those where you have to turn knob key and at the same time? If so, try to drive it at different times looking for the optimum friction. Over time, these sets lose their perfect articulation and loosened.

If it is a simple lock, it may be due to a lubrication problem.

Try to lubricate the mechanism by means of a graphite powder spray, sales at your local hardware store. If this does not work, ask the help of a professional locksmith to examine the whole.

  1. The key turns, but does not open

That is, the key feels loose there, as if he found resistance. So it looks from the inside mechanism damaged. In this case, it is best to call directly to a professional, it will be necessary to repair or replace the whole.

  1. The key is not pulled, it is jammed

Try pulling gently without leverage, because you could bend and break the key.

To control the movement and prevent break, grab it with pliers and, while trying to remove it, move it from side to side slightly.

  1. The latch does not work

Most often it has been misaligned because of the use: the pins suffer much with bumps and jerks, moving one of the two sides and losing their perfect relationship.

There are three possible solutions:

-Aprieta Screws. So it will return to its initial position, returning the way.

-Reajusta The piece that goes in the door frame to fit the new route required by the likely movement of the door.

-Lubrica Spray graphite powder.

  1. The latch jams

Again, it is likely that the door is displaced due to misalignment or damage to the hinges. To check, lift it slightly and see if now it moves fluently pin. If so, you have to correct this deviation: either taking the latch to a new position, or hinges returning to its original position.

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