Packing the Perfect Parcel

Over the years, courier firms have seen some pretty unusual methods for packing parcels. While some are effective and quite resourceful, others leave the contents exposed to unnecessary movement in transit and run the risk of damage. If you’re not sure how to pack the perfect parcel then here are some handy tips:

Cardboard box

Most people have these lying around and they really do the trick in terms of sturdiness. They can be reused as long as they are in good shape and offer great flexibility in terms of different sizing. Boxes also come in varying thickness levels and are the ideal option for larger goods that need transporting. For Couriers Reading, visit

Mail Bags

These are useful for smaller items that still require a level of inner protection. On the inside, they have a smooth layer of plastic and as such are ideal for small electrical items, jewellery and books.

Jiffy Bags

The big brother of the envelope, these bags contain a layer of built-in bubble wrap for extra peace of mind when it comes to the odd bump that may occur during transit. Only use a jiffy bag for fairly sturdy items though as they are not crush-proof so delicate items should still be packed in a cardboard box.


Cardboard tubes are the ideal solution for sending items like posters, documents, prints or photos. Rolling up the contents into a hard tube protects from tearing, crumpling and any other damage that could be caused using a regular large envelope. The contents will also stay protected by heavy rain during delivery.

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Bubble Wrap

This parcel filler is a must to prevent important contents from bumping into hard surfaces during delivery. Using, at the very least, one layer of bubble wrap will help keep your goods safe from falls, bangs and pressure. Bubble wrap comes in all shapes and sizes and is perfect for delicate items.

Foam Filler

This provides ultimate support if you are shipping something expensive or particularly delicate. This is usually the go-to filler for electronic items such as TVs or computers. Foam inserts hold the item securely in place and although it’s soft, it provides a firm support and better structure than bubble wrap.


Yes, these are the annoying things that get all over the floor when unpacking but they are do have a great use. It is the ideal supporting filler because it falls into every nook and cranny and gives all-round protection. The other benefit is that they are completely recyclable and can be used over and over again, unlike bubble wrap or foam that tends to get ripped and binned.

Important things to do

Make sure you weigh your parcel and measure it properly once it’s fully packaged to avoid nasty surprises if you’re charged more than you were expecting due to size or weight. Try to use a marker pen for writing the destination address and any reference supplied the courier firm. Choosing a strong parcel tape will also help to ensure that none of the contents can fall out.

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