Overhaul Your Life: Alleviate Those Water Woes

In the last election cycle, one of the key points discussed by candidates was the need to update American infrastructure. It’s true that many of the civil engineering projects such as bridges and roadways are starting to fall apart and in need of rejuvenation. But have you thought about our water infrastructure?

Before you run out to lobby Congress for some major policy changes, you may want to install your own purification systems, because who knows how long you’ll be waiting! Read on to learn more about pure water at the office or at home.

A Sea Of Options
One simple search for “home water purification” will return a bevy of results. But which to choose from? You might feel like you’re drowning in a sea of neverending products.

Thinking about a few of the following will help simplify the choice:

  • Budget
  • Renting or own
  • Whole house or under the sink
  • Office or residential

Of course budget is always a main concern, but you might be surprised at the affordable options out there. A comprehensive reverse osmosis filtration system for the kitchen may only cost between $100 and $300. Nevertheless, these can usually only be installed with consent from the home owner if renting.

Long-Term Benefits
If you own your own home and plan on living there for years to come, whole house filtration may be just what you’re looking for. These systems not only remove bacteria, chemicals, and protect against plumbing problems, but they can also save you money when running large appliances! The purity of the water plays a large part in how much detergent is necessary for dishwashers and laundry machines. It’s as if suddenly there’s more water in the water you use. Another benefit is the prevention of replacing pipes or repairing heavy appliances due to mineral buildup in sensitive components.

Health Considerations
Did you know that for many years in the first half of the last century the United States’ water filter system used pipes containing asbestos? Many of these pipes have not yet been replaced with healthier alternatives. Historically, heavy industry was centered around downtown areas as well. Chemical spills from this era have made their way into groundwater and are well documented. Not only does filtration taste better and save you money, it just might save you from several chronic health conditions related to toxins from the environment! A healthy diet is great but is all for nought if you wash it down with a cool glass of chemical cocktail. Many of these dangerous substances only appear in trace amounts, but over time can add up in the liver and kidneys. It’s not a chance anyone would risk if they had a better option, right?

The low cost of implementing an adequate reverse osmosis system is very affordable considering the long term benefits in cost, health, and quality of life. While we may not all be home owners, screw-on-faucet and shower head units can provide us with a better option. Of course whole house filtration is ideal, but the higher set up costs may be prohibitive for some. Consider at the very least a countertop jug-style pitcher. These are very quick and cheaper in the long run than using bottled water. With so many options at hand, making healthy choices couldn’t be easier.

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