Low-Tech Ways to Heat Your Home

UK energy prices are at an all-time high, and there’s no prospect of things getting better. Cash is in short supply too, so before engaging in major outlays like double glazing, weigh the pros and cons carefully. Small improvements and habit changes could save you more.

Low-Tech Ways to Heat Your Home

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Close Doors

Unoccupied rooms with open doors are swallowing heat. Simply keeping them all closed makes a big difference.


Half the heat from a radiator hits the wall behind. Putting special reflective foil behind them improves their directionality.

Many radiators are under windows. When curtains are drawn, air is funnelled against the cold glass and lost. In this situation, consider if there’s room for a shelf to direct it in front.


Inefficient boilers can inflate your bills more than anything else, so it can save a lot of money to have them fixed or replaced. (For boiler service in Guildford, try http://www.rjplumbingandheating.co.uk/boilerServicing.htm). Help with costs is available to many people, see https://www.government-grants.co.uk/boiler-grants.

Low-Tech Ways to Heat Your Home2

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Loft Insulation

Even if you have a couple of inches, you could benefit from more and might qualify for state help to install it. Loft hatches are often neglected because they’re occasionally opened. A well-sealed hatch makes a big difference.


The vogue for wooden floors has done us no favours when it comes to warmth – your feet probably tell you so every morning. You can always roll up your carpets in spring.

Heavier Curtains

At night these stop heat escaping straight through the window glass. Adding warm curtain liners may be enough.

Curtains in other places help too – across doors and anywhere that will slow the movement of draughts, such as hallways, for example.


Cover letter boxes with a flap. Cats soon learn to navigate curtains on cat flaps. Keyholes can have covers too. Do not cover ventilator bricks in your wall, especially if you use gas fires.


Even if your house has a chimney, most fireplaces have been disabled or local regulations might forbid their use. If you can’t benefit from them, make sure they have been sealed.

Draught Excluders

Just because Granny had one, it doesn’t mean they don’t work. You don’t have to knit it yourself, but if you fancy sewing up an old trouser-leg and filling it with beans, it’ll work just fine.

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