Look Out for Pests in Your Workplace

Making sure that you are keeping your workplace clean is important for many reasons – it reduces the risk of illness at work, as well as making it a generally nicer place to work. Getting a professional like this office cleaning services Gloucestershire based company intocleaning.co.uk/contract-cleaning-services/office-cleaning-gloucestershire to help you will ensure that the workplace is kept clean and tidy, as well as ensuring that everyone has good habits which help to maintain high cleanliness standards.

Another reason that you should always pay attention to cleanliness in the workplace is to reduce the risk of pests, and there are a number of different pests that could be found in the workplace. Here are some of the common ones to look out for…

Rats and Mice – Rodents can often be found anywhere that humans are. Buildings offer them safety and food is also readily available. However, as well as spreading diseases, they can also cause damage to property, so it is important to keep an eye out for signs of rats and mice in the building and get them dealt with if you notice they have been in.

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Cockroaches – Although the UK doesn’t have as many cockroaches as other countries, due to the fact that we have cooler weather which they aren’t as keen on, they do still live in the UK and will be attracted to a damp environment that offers them a food source. Often, they live in drains and come out at night, so you may not see them, but you can see evidence of them, like their shed skins and their droppings.

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Flies – There are a number of types of flies that can be found in the UK and many of them can make their way into the home or the workplace, and maintaining good hygiene can help to prevent them, as well as other practical ways, such as putting fly screens up at windows which are going to be open.

From tiny fruit flies to the common house fly, the main thing that flies will be attracted to is food, so anywhere that food is can quickly attract them. From bins to the kitchen work surface, they can be found in large numbers if they are attracted to something, so make sure that food is stored correctly and that bins are taken out regularly.

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