Livening Up the Lounge: Three Essentials

If you are looking to refresh your lounge without completely redecorating, a few well-chosen pieces of designer furniture can make all the difference and create a stylish, striking finish. Mixing and matching contrasting yet complementary items allows you to quickly and easily breathe new life into your lounge without breaking the bank.

Livening Up the Lounge

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Designer Coffee Table

The coffee table has long been a staple of a stylish functional lounge, and the choice today is wider than ever. A glass-topped coffee table is a particularly elegant option, and many designs combine classic style with a contemporary finish. Glass tables are well suited to most types of decor and are great for smaller rooms in particular, where a solid, heavy table might overpower the rest of the space. Go for a model with a built-in shelf underneath if you need space to store magazines, books or any other items that you like to keep close to hand.

Chaise Longue or Day Bed

For the ultimate decadence, it’s hard to beat reclining on a sumptuous chaise longue. As Design Sponge reveals, the chaise longue has long been a feature of high society, but it really came to prominence in the 1800s, when it developed mass appeal. It’s a piece of furniture that is still associated with glamour, luxury and the ultimate comfort. Today’s chaise longues are available in a range of classic and contemporary designs, and you can be as extravagant as you like. As they tend to be fairly narrow, they are perfect for fitting into an awkward space or creating an attractive seating area in front of a window.

Eames-Inspired Chair

Charles and Ray Eames were, as a recent exhibition at London’s Barbican Centre demonstrated, among the most influential designers of the 20th century. If your budget won’t stretch to original Eames chairs, there are plenty of more affordable options out there. Reputable retailers such as Pash Living offer a wide selection of designs inspired by Eames that will have just as pleasing an effect when placed in your lounge.

As these are all individual items of furniture, you can be a bit more daring than you might be when choosing a new sofa or suite. Selecting one-off pieces can be a great way to experiment with different looks and introduce unusual styles into your home.

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