Key Conveyancing terms to know.

When you are buying, selling or getting a further advance on a property there is one team that you will have to deal with, the conveyancing team. What kind of words and terms do you need to familiarise yourself with before you set out on this path? Here are a few but if you need one then this Conveyancing Gloucester firm has all the answers. They’ll also help you so that you won’t need a thesaurus to understand them.

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There are a lot but here are some of the highlights in no particular order:

  1. Appreciation. This is the amount of money the house as increased by since you bought it. You don’t want it to be in depreciation that’s for sure.
  2. Bank Transfer. The happy moment when the Bank sends the money that you want to the Conveyancer. They don’t want it so they send it to you. When in comes to mortgages it has to be done this way so to as avoid fraud and so you have to buy the house.
  3. Completion Date. That happy day when you get the keys, get the money for the extension etc, and the place is finally yours as it goes from the seller to the buyer or you tell the builder to crack on.

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I’ve only included the nice ones to be fair.

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