Is Artificial Intelligence Really the Future of Recruitment?

The technology behind artificial intelligence is constantly improving. AI is now able to successfully complete many tasks, from conducting complex science experiments to writing poetry and just about everything in between. Whilst they may not be quite as good at particular tasks as humans are, robots are certainly on their way to being able to at least attempt every task that humans are able to complete.

Is Artificial Intelligence Really the Future of Recruitment

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This constant development in technology means that the recruitment industry is bound to change as well. Robots will replace humans in some cases and radically transform roles in many other industries. It has even been suggested that the capabilities of artificial intelligence may be able to replace humans entirely within recruitment.

So, are there big changes to the industry ahead and should recruitment consultants be worried?

Recruitment consultants, such as Buzz Recruit match individuals with particular skills to available jobs. It is reasonable to assume that a computer could do this with the help of some well-constructed algorithms. But will they? It’s looking unlikely.

Science Meets Art

There is no denying that artificial intelligence is transforming efficiency and productivity across the globe, as reported by Raconteur. However there are also many industries where AI could be applied, but perhaps shouldn’t be.

Take a visit to the GP, for example. A computer could, in theory, analyse your symptoms, your age and medical history in order to offer a diagnosis and prescribe treatment, but it’s not really a good idea, is it? Artificial intelligence cannot replace a doctor. They have trained for many years in their field and completely understand every nuance that makes us who we are, which doesn’t translate well into data to be analysed by a non-human entity.

The need for the human touch is also necessary in the recruitment industry. Recruitment is not simply matching an individual with a vacancy. Sometimes clients don’t fully understand what they need in an employee and sometimes an individual may have skills that can be applied to a role they hadn’t otherwise considered. A recruitment agency in Cheltenham will understand that building relationships is key to success, which is something a computer cannot manage.

Enhance Not Replace

The recruitment industry will undoubtedly benefit greatly from AI, but recruiters need not be concerned about being replaced entirely.

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