How to Wear a Fisherman’s Jumper

There are few things more classic than a fisherman’s jumper. They tend to go well with anything along with looking good on anyone. Whether you decide to style them with a blazer coat and trousers, jeans and loafers or a smart button-down, a fisherman’s sweater never fails to tie the ensemble together.
Not to mention, the range of colours they come in ensures that they can work for any skin tone or personal preference.

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While some may think they’re too bulky, many would disagree. While fisherman’s sweaters may be a little more dense than the common knit, it’s a style that can work for anyone. But firstly one has to learn how to style it.

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So, as said before, fishermen’s sweaters are denser due to the knitting pattern employed to make them, but that doesn’t necessarily make them heavy. In fact, the majority of them will work to maintain warmth without making the wearer look like they’ve just come back from the North Pole. Fisherman’s sweaters are commonly not overly thick or bulky but not too thin either.

For those interested in looking further into how to style a fisherman’s sweater, this guardian article may prove to be helpful.

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For many, fishermen’s sweaters tend to look their best when put together with a slim pair of trousers. That could be skinny jeans, fitted trousers or even straight-leg pants. This style tends to balance out the looser, dense knit style of the fisherman’s jumper.


In this case, many tend to keep things simple with solid colours. But for the bolder types, adding dashes of colour via scarves, hats or even shoes can be a fun way to add some extra life to the outfit. For example, a cream-coloured sweater may look good with elements of white, black, blue or green along with some slim fitted denim trousers.

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