How to set up a successful pop-up shop this winter

Pop-up shops are a retail success story of recent years, and they are a good way to make the most of publicity, getting attention for a brand or products and capitalising on the time of year. For example, a pop-up shop selling luxury chocolate items would probably do well leading up to St Valentine’s Day.

How to set up a successful pop-up shop this winter

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If you want your pop-up shop to be a success, there are a few things to remember.


In this regard, the pop-up is a bit like real estate but with different desirable elements. A pop-up should be situated in an area where there are many pedestrians and people passing by. If they are passing by going to and from other shopping opportunities, that is even better. The area should also match your brand and products. A pop-up promoting goods that are cheap and cheerful is not going to find its market in a swanky neighborhood of high-end shoppers. Has the street you’ve chosen hosted successful pop-ups in the past? Do your research and speak to local people and business owners to get a feel for whether your pop-up will be heartily welcomed.


It’s worth thinking about who you envision making purchases in your pop-up. Are they people who are already loyal to your brand? Are you introducing a brand or a product? Does research indicate that people in this area want what you will be selling? If the brand or product is new, it may require other efforts in getting the message out. However, a report from The Telegraph says that a pop-up is a great way to test whether there is demand for a new product.

If you expect customers to travel to the pop-up, it is worth checking that there are adequate public transport links and plenty of parking. Shoppers can get tired and hungry, so facilities to address these needs would be a plus.

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Increasing sales

The smart approach to a pop-up has long-term vision. Not only will it successfully drive sales at the pop-up, but there will be efforts to engage customers and link sales to existing outlets, such as a website, to ensure the benefits of the pop-up continue after it has been folded away.

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