How to reduce dust in the workplace

Where does dust come from? Recent studies have shown that most of the dust that we see in the room actually comes from the outside. Most dust consists of the dead skin cells of humans, carpet and upholstery fibres, walked in soil and exterior particles, such as pollen.

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Here are some ways to reduce the amount of dust coming into your workplace:

Reducing the amount of unnecessary items

Do you have windowsills or desks covered with items that do not need to be there? It’s much easier to control dust levels when there are less things sitting around attracting dust. Having a tidy up session and opting for a less is more approach will help to reduce the number of items that simply act as dust magnets.

Invest in mats

Mats provides a useful function, but only if they are used properly. As most of the dust enters from the outside, the mat is the first line of defence to prevent it getting any further in. Consider mats with industrial strength backing to be placed at all access points of the building. Get help with your cleaning schedule too with Office cleaners City Of London at a site like

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Air purifiers

These work by helping to remove dust before it settles. Place some of these units in the most heavily used areas to further improve the air quality inside the office.

Humidity control

Ideally, humidity should be around 45%. A dry environment encourages a higher level of static dust particles.

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