How to pick the right content management system

A comprehensive, cutting-edge content management system (CMS) can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to set up a well-optimised, flexible website. With so many options to choose from, how can you work out which solution is best for your needs?

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Essential Abilities

From an SEO perspective, there are plenty of things that you should look out for when picking a CMS, with one of the most important considerations being the way that it handles URLs. For example, it makes sense to be able to set up custom URLs, which can include keywords and other impactful phrases that can both boost your search rank and make the site easier for visitors to use.

Having the ability to manage the way that URLs are structured and also to keep them static rather than becoming overburdened with session-specific info is another feature that defines an effective CMS. Meanwhile, the option to reduce the likelihood of duplicate content negatively impacting your SEO by leveraging 301 redirects should be a priority for every webmaster.

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Useful Tools

Amongst the other perks to sniff out when choosing a CMS, an RMS feed can be very useful for growing your presence in the blogosphere and ensuring that people who want to subscribe directly to receive access to your content have the ability to do so. Pings also tie into this, as they enable dedicated search engines to be alerted as soon as content goes live, enhancing the immediacy of each post’s impact.

Achieving success with a site today is impossible unless it is optimised for mobile devices, as smartphones now outrank traditional computers when it comes to web traffic. This means you should work with a CMS that takes the need for responsive design into account.

Extra help can be gleaned via the professional SEO services operated by agencies such as Experts can help you optimise effectively and pick a CMS that will work for you.

Further Facets

From the perspective of ease of use and convenience, a CMS that can let you make changes that will have a consistent and site-wide impact will be invaluable. This will allow your changes to be applied across every page on the site at the same time instead of requiring time-consuming adjustments to be made to each one individually.

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