How to make room décor

The decor can become your greatest ally if you want to save space in your home. If your house is small and you need to take every corner, or has a normal size but want it to be as comfortable as possible, it will not need major reforms to it. With these ideas I’ll give today you will solve that little problem of space right now will not let you get the most from your home. You will see how it helps your decoration.

Order and organization

Whenever I tell you, but the order and organization are also parts of the decor. A neat, uncluttered space will always look bigger, especially when the room is particularly small. If you are still full of things making it smaller, use functional furniture with extra storage systems, great for homes with limited space.

How to make room décor

Light colors

A decoration based on light shades will help visually enlarge the space. White, especially, is the color that will reflect light and make the rooms look bigger as they will be brighter. The touch of color can give with details and decorative elements that help you create some contrast in the environment.

Changes chair stools

In the kitchen, above all, for being one of the places where we can appreciate more the lack of space, try replacing chairs stools. As they have the support you can save under the table and you have more room for the day, leaving the discharged stay. This will also you can make a small room.

Furniture materials and forms

The materials of which are made movable influence the sense of varying amplitude. To save space used those which are of glass as they have a lighter appearance as for the forms, always suitable those with curved lines, more comfortable for small spaces because, having no corners, promote mobility for the stay and occupy less space. If you choose furniture with fine legs insight also will contribute to give a lighter, better than others with or without legs very robust wood.

Choosing furniture depending on the space available

When you go to decorate your small house is important that you consider the size of the chosen furniture must be consistent to that of the room itself where you go to find them. I explain. If you want to put a giant bed in a bedroom already small still you do the space available is less. You should also look out in combination with decorative elements; they must be in proper proportion to each other.

Take advantage of walls

Walls can help you save space with the decor. You can use them vertically, gaining height with shelves, shelves and cabinets that reach as high as possible, or play to support the furniture in them, for example by replacing chairs by banks to the wall make backup or paste sofa, beds and tables as possible to them to leave the rest of the free stay and to move comfortably on it.

Sofa in L

A sofa in L, but look bigger, occupy less space than two small sofas since you can take advantage of the full corner to place and save thus, some space. It can accommodate more people because you win the hole in the corner without armrests, the better.

Decorating with mirrors

The old trick of mirrors but always effective, it will be one of the decorative accessories that help you win more room, visually speaking, of course. The room will look larger due to light reflection.

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