How Influencer Marketing is Similar to Traditional Marketing

Influencer marketing has been gaining traction in recent times, proving powerful at persuading people to buy. Despite this fresh approach, influencer marketing isn’t that dissimilar to traditional marketing.

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A Need for Consistency

Influencer marketing has become increasingly popular, as more and more of us are swayed by people we follow on social media for making purchase decisions. Although we might be looking more towards our favourite followers than companies for choosing what to buy, many of the components of influencer marketing are similar to traditional marketing.

Just like traditional marketing, to be effective, influencer marketing must be consistent in its tone and voice. According to MarketingTech, in an age where consumers acquire their information across multiple social media platforms, apps, print, websites and new media, the brand message must be consistent across multiple channels.

Multiple Marketing Objectives

In the same way that traditional marketing can fulfil several objectives, the same can be held true for influencer marketing. Various strategies and campaigns can be used to target audiences and achieve the goals of a company, whether launching a new product, delivering direct response activity or supporting other marketing activities.

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Success Through Collaboration

As with traditional marketing, those influencer brands that collaborate with other partners can pave the way for increased success. Choosing the right collaboration is vital to offer something fresh and exciting to a brand.

Measurement Metrics

Like traditional marketing, those engaging in influencer marketing will be keen to measure the success of their endeavours. In some regards, this is still in its infancy, and until established criteria such as cost per view or cost per engagement exist, there may be an element of discrepancy in what can be accurately measured.

The Growth of Specialists

Specialist marketing divisions are common in big media agencies, and as influencer marketing continues to gain traction, we’ll see more and more specialist departments set up to cater specifically for this branch of marketing.

Although traditional marketing may be more established, those looking to carry out influencer marketing campaigns may need to do a bit more homework to ensure they work with an agency that can deliver exactly what they require.

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