How dirty is your office?

Offices are often hives of activity and this brings with it the bustle of a while different type of activity – GERMS!

Where there are large congregations of people, like in office buildings, gyms and schools there is always a hot bed of activity, but until recently I was unaware of just how dirty some of the places in your office can be. So, if like me you are thinking it might be time for you to think about employee the services of a office cleaning Cheltenham company then contact to see how they can help you.

Other than the obvious bathroom areas here are some of the top contenders for germ filled areas in your offices:

  • Computer mouse – In some instances it is thought that the computer mouse may be just as dirty as its mammalian counterpart. It is one of the most used items on our desk and yet it is one that is often overlooked when it comes to giving your desk a quick tidy.

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  • Coffee pots, drinks machines and vending machines – The number of hands and fingers that touch the coffee pots and drinks machines each day is numerous and it is safe to say that not all of these hands will be squeaky clean. In fact, a recent survey by Mashable noted that up 48% of coffee pots contained bacteria on their surfaces that could be deemed as harmful and 21% of vending machines having a high chance of spreading illnesses amongst its users. Might make think you twice about that second cup of coffee now!
  • Computer Keyboard – similarly to your computer mouse the keyboard is a place of high germ activity. What with your hands constantly moving across the keys and the food crumbs that become trapped between the letters it is no wonder that this piece of equipment is deemed to be high on the germ radar.

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  • Taps – The conundrum with taps is that you can’t turn one on a tap with clean hands (this is where sensor taps are incredibly useful). So, you take a trip to the bathroom finish what you are doing and head to the tap as you turn the tap on the germs from your recent toilet visit are transferred to the tap. You spend the next minute or so diligently washing your hands to then touch the tap again to turn it off thus transferring your own germs back onto your hands again. Infuriating isn’t it! You won’t be surprised then to hear that the survey noted that 75% of taps have enough germs on them to make you ill.

So there you have it just four of the top areas in your office that could probably crawl away of their own accord with the amount of germs that live on them.

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